Top Five Wedding Decor Hacks

As I was going through some images from my weddings last year and writing blogs on Becca Bee couples, I realized that I often recommend certain things to my clients… and I need to share them with you! I call this list my top five “wedding décor hacks” because they will save you money and yet give you a lot of visual oomph! They are in no particular order.

1. Waterfall your napkins. This sounds like a silly detail, but I love a waterfalled napkin. It adds a subtle pop of color to your reception tables while allowing your plates to be the main focus (which they logically should be, am I right?). Even if you have white napkins on white linen, the added texture poking out from under your china will give additional visual interest to your reception tables.  Plus you’re going to have napkins, you may as well make them part of the decor.  This does not add to your rental item bottom line.


2. Print menu cards or go for the preset salad. With your dinner plates sitting bare on top of the waterfalled napkin, you’ll want to put something on them for visual appeal when guests first enter the reception space and sit down. I love menu cards because not only do they spell out what is being served for guest reference, but they also give you an opportunity to add a personal detail to your reception. Menu cards can be personalized with your wedding brand, logo, pictures and [at the very least], the script you used on your invitations. Menu cards can be as formal or casual as you like. Include some funny anecdotes about why you chose the meal you did!

If menu cards aren’t for you, go for a preset salad. Similar to what I said about napkins: You’re going to serve a salad, you may as well make it part of the decor. Think of it as a floral for your plates. After all, salads are lovely greens! If you want to do both (and why wouldn’t you??) then simply tuck the menu card underneath the top part of the salad plate so that it is poking out just enough for guests to see that it’s there.


3. Don’t forget your lighting! Lighting in your home is critical (or at least it is for me!) and the same is true for your wedding reception. Bistro lights are very popular right now and an economical option. If you have the budget, I love the glow that chandeliers give off. Plus they add height to your room by drawing the eyes of your guests up.

Candles are always popular for the reception tables. Check with your florist and your caterer to see if they offer votive candles in their package. You’ll find that their pricing is in line with wholesale and you will save yourself the headache of lugging boxes of votives to and from your wedding weekend.

Another thing I want to suggest is a cake spot or cake wash. It sounds minor but it makes such a huge, huge visual impact. Your band or DJ will bring lighting for your dance floor, so maybe that cost savings could be enough for you to spotlight your cake.

4. Repurpose your bouquets and ceremony florals. This is a “duh” statement. Of course you’re going to repurpose your bouquets and ceremony flowers, right?? If you hired me then I’ll take them and place them for you. I even have glass cylinder vases for your bouquets. And while I’m on the subject of flowers, take them home with you! So many flowers are thrown away after the wedding reception is over. Please tell your aunts, bridesmaids, and grandmothers to take a centerpiece home with them.

5. Display your favors at each place setting. Not only does this add oomph to your placesettings, it also is smart because so often favors are left behind at the end of the night. Guests are sure to see them when they are set out at their seat. Edible favors are a big trend that I love these days. Put your coffee beans, vanilla jars, donuts, olive oil jars, jam jars, rosemary sprigs, what-have-you right there on top of that beautifully waterfalled napkin!

Of course this is not an exhaustive list but I do find myself saying these things over and over. I hope it helps you as you are planning your wedding!

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