Style Me Pretty Features Becca Bee Events

Five years ago, following the birth of my first child, I left my career as an association event manager. Simultaneously, I decided to start my own wedding planning business in Charlottesville, Virginia. Five years ago, much was different in the world. Facebook was around, but not entirely prevalent. Instagram didn’t even exist. Print media was still the primary way that brides looked for wedding inspiration. So, my goal when I started my business was to get published in a magazine.

Fast forward to 2016! At the turn of the new year, my design and coordination work was featured on the cover and in the pages of Virginia Living Magazine. What a dream come true to have a goal attained! The stunning bride, Lauren, and dashing groom, Alex, were a pleasure to work with over the course of their long engagement. As their full-service wedding planner, I spoke with this Houston-based couple at least twice each month. I laid out a calendar detailing what needed to be achieved and I carried out the tasks in accordance with their wishes. You can read more about their understated, elegant wedding and see the images, captured by Rebecca Keeling Studios, here.


As exciting as this achievement is for me, we now live in a world no longer dominated by print media. So I set another goal: To be featured on one of the “big” national wedding blogs. You know the ones, because you use them. Even when I was married six years ago, I utilized Style Me Pretty for my planning inspiration. To me, that is the ultimate wedding website. It is the one that started it all, the one that has greatly contributed to growing the wedding world into the $300 billion global industry that it is today. So, of course, that is what I set my sights on! (Yes, I aim high!)

I never imagined that just nine months after my first big goal was attained, my second major goal would be achieved! I’m honored and SUPER excited to share that on September 9, the Early Mountain Vineyards wedding of Rachel & Coy was featured on Style Me Pretty’s Virginia Weddings blog! Rachel hand-picked the vendors herself, and it was a privelege to lead her lovely team as the day-of wedding planner.


Coincidentally, I officially launched Becca Bee Events in early September of 2011. Happy five year anniversary, indeed! I’m proud of myself and I truly love what I do, but I would have never been able to not only stay in business these last five years, but also excel in a top wedding market in the United States if it weren’t for the guidance and encouragement I’ve received from the wedding professionals in and around Charlottesville. A great big THANK YOU to those top professionals and, of course, my clients. I have been so blessed and fortunate to work with some incredible couples; not only do you all help me grow my business, but your friendships and our shared experiences help me grow as a person.

Now I need to figure out my next goal!

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