Olivia & Evan Married at Early Mountain Vineyards and New Signage

Olivia and Evan were married over Memorial Day weekend at Early Mountain Vineyards. And y’all, there were so many exciting things about this wedding that I just have to dive right in without any small talk!








Olivia and her family are very special. Olivia is an exceptionally selfless young lady and she thought to invite my six-year-old daughter to watch her get ready on her wedding day. I mean, wow. It’s her wedding day and she is thinking of my little girl! Amazing. After discussing the invitation with my husband, we did bring our daughter to the Cottage at Early Mountain Vineyards where Olivia was getting ready. I’m sure it’s an experience that our daughter will never forget, and I’ll likely remember it whenever our little girl is actually getting ready for her big day. Very special, indeed.

Secondly, Olivia had icecream cookie sandwiches for her dessert! If you know me, you know that I love icecream. I can eat icecream no matter what time of year. Cookies are my second favorite dessert. So when Olivia shared that Harvest Moon Catering was providing cookies to serve with Moo Thru icecream, I knew we were kindred spirits. And you better believe I didn’t leave without my icecream cookie sandwich… and it did not disappoint! [By the way, you can go ahead and note that I put the mention of icecream and cookies on the heels of my daughter’s special moment… but it was a close call because I’ve been really excited about Olivia’s self-serve dessert bar for a while!]










Last but not least, Olivia is an exceptionally talented calligrapher.  She is self-taught (holy wow!) and her script is impeccable. I saw her write a placecard :: free-hand :: in the parking lot of Early Mountain Vineyards for a last minute guest and I was in awe. So naturally when she showed up with these gorgeous reclaimed wood signs, I knew I had to jump at the chance to buy them from her. [And you can buy your own custom signs from her too, just ask me for her contact information.]























So I now have a “Ceremony” arrow that stakes into the ground (not pictured), “Thanks” wooden sign, “Gifts & Cards” wooden sign and “Pick a Seat, Not a Side” rectangular sign in my arsenal of rental items. I use the term “rentals” loosely because all Becca Bee Events clients have complimentary access to my items. This is just one more reason why you should select me as your Charlottesville wedding planner! [But I only want to work with you if you’re serving Moo Thru icecream.]

Congratulations again to the happy Early Mountain Vineyards couple! If you want to replicate this stunning wedding, call on this bevy of talented wedding professionals that I was priveleged to work alongside as Olivia and Evan’s day-of wedding coordinator:
Caterer | Harvest Moon Catering
DJ | John Garland
Florist | Growing Wild Floral
Icecream | Moo Thru
Photographer | Sarah Cramer Shields
Planner | Becca Bee Events
Signage & Decor | Olivia Williams
Venue | Early Mountain Vineyards

Check out these great images!  Stunning venue + rock star photographer + detail oriented florist = success!

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