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Cara and Jacob are the featured real wedding on Virginia Bride Magazine’s Real Wedding Wednesday!  I blogged a bit about Cara and Jacob shortly after their wedding (he is the adorable groom who prompted the “My Favorite Part of Your Wedding Day” post).  They were married last August at the estately Keswick Vineyards and the images were captured by the sweet and southern Sarah Goodwin of Sarah Goodwin Photography.  Given that the Virginia Bride Magazine feature provides oodles of details on the day, I thought I’d take some time to highlight what I did to assist with Cara and Jacob’s wedding day, as their day-of wedding planner.

The number of day-of clients whom I work with is increasing.  It is not only common for brides and grooms to find value in my services, but more and more venues are actually requiring that couples have their own representative.  You see, your venue event coordinator does not serve as your wedding planner.  The venue representative is there to represent the venue: Be certain that the bathrooms are clean, that the promised equipment is set out on behalf of the venue, and generally supervise the venue.  They are, in fact, likely conducting sales tours on the morning of your wedding with potential new clients.  While this person is often available to answer your questions, they are not there to set up your detail items or manage your timeline on your wedding day.  But I am!

As a Charlottesville day-of wedding planner, I serve as your dedicated event manager.  My job is to ensure that all the details you painstakingly coordinated are executed in accordance with your vision, and that it all goes off without a hitch (and without you lifting a finger!).  Not only will I set up and arrange the cupcakes, spare flowers and signage on your dessert table (pictured below!), and arrange your family pictures, place cards and ceremony site signage, but I’ll also communicate with your vendors to make sure the day is running smoothly by managing your vendors and your timeline.  I tell all of my clients: Your timeline is a living, breathing document.  It will change, and when it does, I inform all vendors so that they can adjust accordingly.  You won’t even notice these little changes with me there to manage it all.  I’m like the center of the wheel and your vendors are the spokes.

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It is sometimes difficult to quantify my job as a day-of wedding coordinator because it is essentially my job to be invisible.  If my job is done correctly, you won’t even notice it.  You’ll just remember a great day with no worries, just like Cara and Jacob!  I’m proud to share my work with you, and honored to be featured in Virginia Bride Magazine.

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