My Favorite Part of Your Wedding

This past weekend, while working with a lovely couple at Keswick Vineyards in my beautiful backyard town of Charlottesville, Virginia, while the groom was getting ready to walk down the aisle he shared, “I’m so anxious, I have butterflies.  But you don’t feel the way I do.  You do this all the time.”

I responded truthfully, yet while thinking out loud… “You’re right.  I don’t feel the way you do.  But as a married person, I can tell you with certainty that experiencing the wedding ceremony and wedding vows gets me every time.”

My favorite part of your wedding day, hands down, is your ceremony.  And for several reasons.  First of all, it’s the first time that I get to sit down since I arrived on property at your venue.  It’s a selfishly welcome break.  Secondly, I appreciate getting to know you as a couple.  The ceremony gives me insights into who you are and why you love each other, and I sincerely appreciate being a part of your life on such a monumentous day.  Truly, my appreciation exceeds the word count of this blog.  Lastly, as someone who has taken vows of my own, your vows resonate with me.  They move me.  I cry during your vows.  Every. Single. Time.  I can perhaps blame my faucet of emotions on the fact that I have young children; I feel more in earnest since the birth of my littles.  Or perhaps I can blame my father’s entire side of the family who seem to possess a gene for crying.  Some of you move me to tears more than others (like that couple from Texas who called out all each member of their bridal party–you know who you are–I bawled), but all of you move me.  Your nerves may not be my nerves, but my job never gets old and I do not take it for granted, Groomie.

I do have a close second favorite part of your wedding.  Brides, please remember to ask your father to give a welcome speech at your wedding.  There is such a special relationship that exists between fathers and daughters.  As a daughter I say that with certainty, but also because I’m now fortunate to watch my own daughter grow in closeness with my husband [her father].  On the day that your father gives you away to your husband, please let him mark the occassion with words.  It will be a special memory for you and your guests.

I love my job for so many reasons.  But now you know my favorite part of your wedding day.  Thank you for sharing your lives with me.

Featured Image was taken at Castle Hill Cider by Rebecca Keeling Studios.

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