Why Are Styled Shoots Important?

Hello, There!

My babies are still sleeping but I’m wide awake and ready to take on today!  It’s a big day for Becca Bee Events, but I don’t have a wedding.  In fact, it’s a random Wednesday in August–not exactly peak wedding season!  Despite that, today is a big day because today is the day that Rebecca Keeling Studios and I will capture our styled shoot at Keswick Vineyards.

I love styled shoots.  They give me an opportunity to design for myself, rather than for a client.  Don’t get me wrong: I love my clients.  That’s why the majority of my time is spent assisting clients with designing and coordinating their wedding day.  However, I relish the opportunity to design for myself, and as a potential or current client of mine, you should be excited too!  But why?

Styled shoots allow you to see my style, my preferences, who my favorite vendors are and where I love to work.  Consider it an invitation to be a guest at the wedding of a wedding planner.  It is a sneak peek, insider view of the wedding industry.  Styled shoots typically incorporate hot trends as well, so they’re a great place to go for wedding inspiration.  And best of all, if you like what you see, you know I can re-create it or something similar for your wedding day!  In fact, I recommend that you check out the styled shoots of wedding planners before you book with them.  Be sure that your styles are similar enough that you feel comfortable having this person make recommendations for your wedding day.

Check out my Features page for more information on my styled shoots and other my featured weddings.  Make sure you check back frequently; I aim to coordinate several styled shoots on an annual basis so that you can see how my style evolves throughout the seasons and as trends change.  For now, I’m off for a fun day “in the office!”

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