Five Fab Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Congratulations, you’re engaged!  You’re planning your wedding!  This is such an exciting time for you,

your family and your friends.  No doubt it is especially exciting for your entourage of ladies who will be standing up for you as you exchange vows with your fiancé.  Yes, I’m referring to your bridesmaids.  This fabulous support team has been hand-selected by you.  By accepting your invitation, they have promised to assist you with dress shopping, plan and attend your shower(s), party with you at your bachelorette fete, fluff your dress, hold your bouquet, give a moving speech, dance the night away, and perform various “other duties as assigned.”  All with a perma-grin and in heels.  (Whew!)  They’re supporting you on one of the most memorable days of your life, so be sure to return the favor with an awesome bridesmaid gift!

Bridesmaid gifts used to be as stuffy as the gowns bridesmaids were forced to wear.  But just as today’s bride has evolved, so have bridesmaids’ gifts.  They no longer need to all be the same, and they no longer need to be an actual item.  Here are a few bridesmaid gift ideas, broken into categories from the perspective of you, the bride!

From the traditional bride
You are as traditional as the diamond solitaire stunner on your finger, and you really want your bridesmaids to have an object of permanence that they can treasure as a memento of their role in your wedding.

  1. Jewelry: Jewelry tops the list of beautiful bridesmaids’ gifts.  A pair of earrings or necklace will always be appreciated.  Related bridesmaid gift ideas include jewelry boxes or Pandora charms.  Add local flair by purchasing a piece unique to your wedding destination, such as a ring holder made by a local glassblower.
  2. Anything Monogrammed:  Monogram necklaces are very trendy right now, but seeing as jewelry was already mentioned, let’s think outside that box.  Check out monogrammed door adornments (ooo, a monogram for your front door), monogrammed key chains, and monogrammed stationary or even monogrammed makeup bags.

From the budget-minded bride

You are acutely aware of how much you’re asking of your friends (probably because you’ve been in so many weddings yourself!), and you want to be respectful of their wallets.

3.       Their Dress:  Gift the dress that you would like your bridesmaids to wear.  Or offer to pay for their hair and makeup on the day of your wedding.  This can also apply to shoes and other accessories, like a pashmina wrap.  Eliminating one of their expenses is an enormous gift!

From the hospitable bride
You are the hostess with the mostess, and you want your friends to feel at home and welcome on your wedding weekend.

4. Bathrobes, Slippers, and Personalized Hangers:  Who doesn’t love a comfy robe??  And think how adorable your pictures will be with you and your ‘maids in matching get-ready attire, while your dresses are hanging on matching personalized wire hangers.

5. Wine Glasses and Accessories:  A personalized wine glass is a fun gift, as are personalized bottle stoppers (harkening back to the monogrammed items mentioned in bridesmaid gift #2).  And of course, a wine glass is most fun when filled with wine!  Pick up a bottle local to your wedding destination and make a cute basket.


Above all, enjoy this process!  Shopping for your bridesmaid gifts should be fun.  If it’s getting a little too stressful, maybe you should pick up a little of bridesmaid gift #5 for yourself!

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